Metro Riders Invited to Join First-ever Customer Community

by Lee Hernly, Editor

long ride to Glenmont

‘Amplify’ to provide customer feedback and shape Metro initiatives

Metro today launched a new way for riders to share opinions and help shape the direction of Metro through Amplify, Metro’s first-ever “customer community.” Amplify is the newest way that Metro is engaging customers by bringing together riders, transit advocates and experts in an ongoing digital forum.

Through a structured environment of online surveys, polls and discussion forums, Amplify community members will have the opportunity to share their experience as riders and influence how Metro responds to issues affecting those who use the system.

“This tool gives customers the convenience of sharing their thoughts and opinions at times and in places that work for them, including on the go,” said Lynn Bowersox, Assistant General Manager of Customer Service, Communications and Marketing. “We believe that Amplify will become a valuable tool in building the relationship between Metro and our customers.”

She said that Amplify Community members will receive a periodic e-newsletter that provides feedback about how input has been included in Metro decision making. Many different topics will be discussed with Community members online, including how best to communicate specific service change information, concept testing of marketing materials, and facilitated conversation about various customer experience topics. The Community does not replace other customer research tools currently used by Metro to gather data from a representative sample of customers, nor does it replace the email and phone channels to address customer complaints and commendations. Amplify will augment those channels to strengthen the voice of the customer.

Metro looks forward to engaging about 5,000 riders in the Community through the first phase of Amplify. People who live in the national capital region and (at least once a month) ride any bus, train, paratransit vehicle may sign up to participate at this link.

(Photo via Barbara Kracowicz, on Flickr)

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