Alexandria City Council Public Hearing Meeting Notice

Alexandria, Virginia City Council

The Alexandria City Council is holding its next public hearing meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 9:30 AM, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

On this Saturday’s docket are:

  • Slater’s Market Public Hearing and Consideration of a request to operate a restaurant within an existing market; zoned: CDD #10/Coordinated Development District #10.
  • Rooming House Public Hearing and Consideration of a request for five year review of a rooming house and for a change of ownership; zoned KR/King Street Retail.
  • Development Special Use Permit #2014-0041 1801 & 1809 Russell Road, 109, 111 & 113 Belleaire Road – Immanuel Lutheran Church Public Hearing and Consideration of requests for: (A) a Development Special Use Permit and Site Plan with modifications to construct an addition to an existing private school, and an expansion to an existing church; and (B) a Special Use Permit for a parking reduction;
  • Public Hearing, Second Reading and Final Passage of an Ordinance Authorizing the Tenant of the Property located at 2312 Mount Vernon Avenue (Parcel Address 2318 Mount Vernon Avenue and 111 Oxford Avenue) to Construct and Maintain an Encroachment for Outdoor Dining at that Location Associated With the Restaurant Known as Pork Barrel BBQ, Sushi Bar, and Holy Cow.
  • Public Hearing, Second Reading, and Final Passage of an ordinance authorizing the owners of the property located at 200 Strand Street to construct and maintain an encroachment for a stoop, stairs, canopy and building overhang onto the Prince Street right of way at that location as approved by the City Council on March 14, 2015.

The docket and all materials may be found visiting this link.

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