Sexual Assault on Mount Vernon Trail in Alexandria (Update)

by Lee Hernly, Editor


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Razia, a long time reader, writes in with an update to this post about a sexual assault she witnessed on the Mount Vernon Trail behind the GenOn Plant in the Old Town North neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Dear Red Brick Town,

Thanks again for posting about this on your website and social media. It really is much appreciated. As a follow-up, I met with United States Park Police today, who will likely oversee this investigation.

Apparently Alexandria Police never filed a report, and never contacted park police or did anything at all with the information I gave them as a witness, after meeting with 3 APD officers that afternoon. Needless to say that is so sadly disappointing.

Someone acquainted with “the boss” of the park police sergeant I met with today, saw my homemade sign on a post near where the incident occurred, that I taped up last Friday. They made a phonecall to that boss, who made another phonecall to this sergeant, who contacted APD to see if they heard about it, and seemed to find my contact info on some notes – that absolutely nothing else had been done with.

This does seem to be in the jurisdiction of the US Park Police, since the incident occurred directly on the Mount Vernon Trail. But it’s so upsetting that Alexandria Police did nothing for 8 days, did not forward information to other local agencies, and also did not contact the NRG/GenOn facility to see if footage from their many security cameras were available. It’s possible that footage may be expired or written over by now.

It does not appear that the victim ever went to police herself. I don’t blame her, as sexual assault can be something you just want to mentally move on from and not think about. But as a direct witness, and frequent user of the trail, it was really gross and disturbing. He not only groped her from behind, but appeared to grab on her arm.

But I have more faith in the United States Park Police. They really took their time with me today, walked with me where the incident directly occurred noted the many security camera locations (which they promised to check up on ASAP) and take my written statement (with a report number this time!). That case number has officer Greene assigned to the case, but gave the the sergeant’s personal cell number should I also want an update at any time.

So if trail-frequenters see something or someone that looks suspicious on the trail, they are asked NOT to contact Alexandria police, but just dial 911 or the United States Park Police 24/hour emergency number, at (202) 610-7500.

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get the word out on your own, in any way that you can.

– Razia

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October 25, 2015 7:16 am

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