Saturday, March 28, 2020

Your Saturday Pet Photo of the Day

Cat Bird Seat Formal Tuxedo (1)
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We Alexandrians L O V E love our pets. For today’s pet photo of the day, here is a photo of ‘Tuxedo’ who lives in the Old Town North neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

His owner notes, Formal Tuxedo (aka TUX) is pondering on his cat bird seat – Tux is a rescue Cat from the Street with Strong Street Cred.

Tux is noted as a strong talking feline with many opinions and has a reputation for not getting his back up or pussyfooting around on issues. He also is well known for his sky diving skills and landing on his feet during difficult times. While he does not have a reputation for catting around he is always dressed to attend major social galas throughout Alexandria.

Tux is thoughtfully recommending more crunches for cats, higher grade treats and more furrever homes.

Tux has a Master’s Degree in both Ornithology and Biochemistry with areas of concentration in catabolism and stalking. He received a Bird Study Merit Badge from the Cat Scouts and spends his free time cataloging bird species. He also enjoys the theatre and his favorite musical is Tony Award winner Cats. He also enjoys collecting marbles with Cat’s Eyes as a specialty.

His experience also includes working as a medical technician operating a CAT scan and in his former life he enjoyed driving a Caterpillar for a sand distributor.

Tux’s favorite food is Meatloaf and his favorite quote is ‘Dogs have owners and Cats have staffs’.

Thank you for sharing the photo!

(Photo courtesy John Long)

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