Democrats Sweep Alexandria City Council Race

In June, given that there were six (6) Democrats running for six open seats and Republicans choose their candidates in a caucus, there was no City Council primary. Last night, the Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) candidates easily got swept into office.

As we told you first, ADC candidates took the top six slots in all but five precincts. West End votes as well as Del Ray and Arlandria were HUGE for the Democrats as they won handily in many of these precincts. Old Town was favorable to the Republicans.

Mr. Wilson, by virtue of receiving the most votes on election night, becomes Vice Mayor. What does a ‘Vice-Mayor’ do? Almost universally, the primary function of the Vice-Mayor is to serve as ‘acting Mayor’ in the mayor’s absence. This absence might be the result of illness, existing commitments that prevent the mayor from being present for city business, resignation, death or impeachment.

FACT: In some cities and localities, the Vice-Mayor is the presiding officer of the local governing body (such as a city council) and casts votes only when there is a tie. This is very similar to the way that the vice president of the United States casts tie-breaker votes in the Senate.

So, with 28 of 28 precincts reporting, the unofficial results are as follows:

Willie F. Bailey Sr. 13,482 9.95%
John Taylor Chapman 15,402 11.37%
Timothy B. Lovain 14,563 10.75%
Redella S. “Del” Pepper 14,696 10.85%
Paul C. Smedberg 14,880 10.99%
Justin M. Wilson 15,815 11.68%
Townsend A. Van Fleet 8,384 6.19%
Monique A. Miles 11,260 8.31%
Fernando M. Torrez 9,349 6.90%
John R. “Bob” Wood 11,532 8.51%
D. Phil Cefaratti 5,366 3.96%
Write In 706 0.52%

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Lee Hernly, Editor
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