About That Railroad Track Work in Del Ray/Potomac Yard

by Lee Hernly, Editor

UPDATED (10:06 AM – 11/7): Note from Twitter follower added.

This is an update to this post.

CSX finally got back to me about the track work that readers contacted me about in late October and here is their response. What the response doesn’t address is the increased train horns from CSX freight trains which is standard safety protocol.

Above is an example of what the track work sounds like.

CSX crews were performing maintenance in the area of Potomac Yards and Del Ray in the evening on October 26-27, replacing ties on the tracks as part of our ongoing investment in our infrastructure. The equipment the crew was using has safety alerts that beep whenever the equipment is in motion, to help ensure the safety of the workers on the project. Work was scheduled in the overnight hours to avoid interfering with Virginia Railway Express trains. The work is now complete.

A follower on Twitter mentioned the following:

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