Sheriff’s Office Counselors Volunteer at Carpenter’s Shelter

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Alexandria Virginia Sheriff's Office - ClassificationVolunteers

Alexandria Virginia Sheriff's Office - David Ward

Classification Counselors from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office spent yesterday morning volunteering at the Carpenter’s Shelter.

To assist shelter staff as they prepare for the busy holiday season, Classification Manager LaTanya Ervin and Counselors Brooke Cole, Angel French, Andrea Hancock, David Ward and Henry Young sorted food donations that will be used for Thanksgiving baskets.  The team, which works with inmates at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center, chose the Carpenter’s Shelter because of the outstanding services they provide to people in need, including some ex-offenders.

For those who want to get involved, why not start with the Run for Shelter this weekend!

Photo – right: Classification Counselor David War sorts stuffing mixes and bags of flour. This will make it easier for the Carpenter’s Shelter staff to assemble Thanksgiving baskets.

Photo: – top (l-r) Brooke Cole, David Ward, Andrea Hancock, Henry Young, LaTanya Ervin and Angel French volunteer in the Carpenter’s Shelter food pantry.

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