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Deputies Successfully Complete Patrol Refresher Training


Alexandria, Virginia Sheriff’s Deputies recently completed their biennial patrol refresher training, polishing their traditional law enforcement skills and also learning new emergency strategies.

Although the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office is not the primary law enforcement agency in Alexandria, Sheriff Dana Lawhorne is committed to ensuring that deputies are able to effectively respond to critical incidents and take appropriate action until police officers and medics arrive at the scene. 

The Training Unit developed this new training and conducted it throughout the fall at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy. Deputies enhanced their defensive tactic abilities with lessons and drills on cell extraction, weapon retention and ground fighting techniques.

They also spent time in the classroom learning about effective responses to incidents involving traumatic injury. Although some deputies had previously been trained to provide critical emergency care in extreme or lifesaving circumstances, this was the first time that all deputies learned how to respond to traumatic injuries. Deputies then practiced applying tourniquets and H-compression dressings (right), both designed to reduce or stop bleeding until victims can be safely treated by medical personnel. Such tactical emergency casualty care was developed to increase the survival rate of those suffering traumatic injuries and training has expanded significantly following the Boston marathon bombing.

Deputies also participated in scenarios that tested their response techniques and strategies while performing traditional law enforcement duties, such as traffic stops. In one scenario (below), deputies encountered a suspect who challenged them with a firearm. Because participants in this scenario were using Simunition marking rounds, a non-lethal training ammunition, they had to wear protective masks and vests. Training staff and supervisors monitored these exercises and then provided feedback for the deputies.

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