About Fire Station 210 Staffing in Alexandria, Virginia

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Fire Station 210 rendering
As I mentioned this weekend, it was certainly good to see and hear that the long-awaited firefighters were being FINALLY being staffed at Fire Station 210 in Alexandria, Virginia. However, while Engine 210 is now making runs from the station, as we told you this weekend, Medic 210 has been moved to another area of Alexandria based on need.

I asked Alexandria Fire Chief Robert Dube for comment and he confirms the news on Medic 210 and explains why.

“Thank you for the question and the opportunity to comment. The AFD routinely examines its response operations using a combination of data analysis from actual calls for service and CAD information related to response times. We strive to provide an all-hazards service to the entire community. In this case, the transport unit that was operating at FS210 (M210) was relocated to FS203. This was in an effort to distribute our six transport units more evenly throughout the city. Each station has staff on duty that can provide BLS care, and in now 8 of our 10 stations, ALS care. Moving the transport unit to FS203 added ALS capability to that station as well as leaving ALS capability at FS210 with one of our ALS EMS supervisors. One of the intents of the cross-training program is to eventually have ALS capability in every station on a variety of response units. Our data showed that M210 was utilized far less than our other units and in fact, a large amount of their calls were in Fairfax County while the area covered by FS203 was underserved by a city transport unit. This relocation will be evaluated on a ongoing basis.”

Now you know…

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December 7, 2015 11:57 am

[…] (11:55 AM – 12/7/2015): There is an updated post on this with comment from AFD Chief […]

December 14, 2015 11:12 am

[…] the station is now fully operational. Firefighters at the station have been trained in ALS care as we mentioned previously. This allows the Fire Department to have ALS care available in 8 out of 10 stations – […]

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