Monday, April 6, 2020
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Here Comes Braddock Gateway in Alexandria, Virginia

Braddock gateway Excavation in Alexandria, Virginia
Back in 2008, Alexandria, Virginia adopted the Braddock Road Metro Neighborhood Small Area plan. The plan designated Braddock Gateway (PDF) as an important “catalyst project.”

The first phase of the project (see B2 area below), after a few years of delays due to ‘market conditions,’ looks like it has FINALLY gotten underway. The first phase of Braddock Gateway, will be a 270-unit, 14-story mixed-use residential building with 175 parking spaces and a rooftop pool. There will be retail on the ground floor at street level.  

Excavation for the underground garage is anticipated to take three months. The garage construction is tentatively scheduled to last three months. The total construction time for the project is estimated to be approximately 24 months, resulting in an anticipated project delivery date of 2017.

Braddock Gateway, which is located within walking distance of the Braddock Metro station, will be a multi-phase project which stretches from First Street to the Metro tracks to North Fayette Street to Slaters Lane.

Braddock Gateway in Alexandria, Virginia

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Per the graphic, is building B1 also phase 1? The reason I ask is because I have seen lots of activity in the block for B2.

JJ – B2 is the area undergoing excavation. This is the graphic City sent me a few years back. I will clarify in post. Thank you! 🙂