Landmark Mall Calls Alexandria to New ‘Charlie Brown’ Tree


Landmark Mall sign in Alexandria, Virginia

Our posts on the original, now departed ‘Charlie Brown’ tree located in the median of Duke Street at the base of the ramp to Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia were by far and away the MOST popular of December 2015. I think just about everyone in Alexandria saw them.

After public outcry, the City worked with Landmark mall to plant a new ‘Charlie Brown’ tree nearby the original one. The new tree is located across the street from the original in a safer place. As mentioned, neighbors in the West End have already started decorating the new ‘Charlie Brown’ tree.

Kudos to Landmark Mall for the borrowed Whoville reference here (from the Grinch that Stole Christmas) which is still brilliant and a terrific ode to the old tree.

What does the NEW ‘Charlie Brown’ tree look like now decorated? Photo from a reader after the jump…

The NEW 'Charlie Brown' tree at Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia

(Photos via T)

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