Bradlee Barber Shop Reopening Soon After Renovation

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Bradlee Barber Shop

As we mentioned at this link, the Bradlee Barber Shop in Alexandria, Virginia, a place where I got my first haircut when I was at MacArthur Elementary, is closed temporarily while the 500+ square foot shop undergoes a renovation. We understand from sources that the renovation should take about ten (10) days.

The store will reopen under new management and we have confirmed with two (2) more sources that all barbers will return once the shop re-opens. See the shop’s new phone number in the photo above.

The former owners of the shop, the Monahan’s, left this note on the window to longtime patrons.

Now, if the new management could learn how to spell ‘Bradlee’ correctly…

(Image via @PeterAck on Twitter)

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