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T.C. Williams High School Parker Gray Stadium

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Earlier this week, Judy Guse-Noritake wrote in encouraging all residents in Alexandria to support lights at Parker Gray Stadium at T.C. Williams High School. Here, Steve Colantuoni, Executive Associate Principal of Athletics and Student Activities at T.C. writes in on why the stadium upgrades are sorely needed.

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) 10-year CIP budget includes plans to repair and modernize the field in 2018. The plan is to address the following areas in the design phase – Restrooms, Press Box, Bleachers, Stadium egress and safety lights, new turf (life cycle coming to end)  and track, and a permanent ticket booth. The design phase begins in the spring of 2016.

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Steve writes:

Dear Red Brick Town,

This year T.C. Williams High School is celebrating its 50 year anniversary.  In 1969, I was a member of the freshman football team at T.C. Williams.  Our school colors were Red and Gold then, but we were still the original TITANS.  My parents would come and sit in the same bleachers that are on our field today.  The tops may have gone through replacements, but the existing structure has never been upgraded or reconfigured.

The stadium project at TCW is one that is long overdue.  For 50 years, our fans have not had a concession stand, restroom facilities, or locker-room near the field.  Our scoreboard is at least 20 years old as well as our press box.  We currently have two Olympic track athletes, but yet our track has not been resurfaced in nearly 10 years.  Alexandria has one high school and because of its athletic and academic accomplishments it is known worldwide.  We need this project to upgrade our facilities, beautify and enhance the security of the field so that the community of Alexandria has a place to be proud of when their student athletes are representing their community and showing their TITAN PRIDE.


Steve Colantuoni

Lee Hernly, Editor
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