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Gas Prices Continue Falling in Alexandria, Virginia

Gas prices in Alexandria, Virginia

How low will gas prices go in Alexandria, Virginia?

We started snapping stations with below $2 a gallon prices a few weeks ago. Old Town Gas recently followed suit as did this station in the West End, and this one in Seminary Hill. With gas prices likely falling below $40 a gallon, I would make an educated guess that gas prices will be going lower. At this point in the year, gas prices are at their lowest since 2008. Here’s a photo from the Parker Gray Liberty gas station I snapped over the weekend.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the price of oil barrels has dropped due to a simple supply and demand resolution. Due to the new-found oil in the United States, the supply now meets the demand with our ‘homegrown’ oil. As the price of oil barrels continue to drop, the price of gas will continue to drop.

Michigan recently became the first state with sub-$1.00 a gallon gas.

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Lee Hernly, Editor
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