Mayor Allison Silberberg on Response to Historic Winter Storm

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Snow plow - Carlyle area of Old Town

Alexandria, Virginia Mayor Allison Silberberg sent out the following message this afternoon in regards to the cleanup from the recent winter storm.

“Dear Friends,

The blizzard has gone, and the sky is a gorgeous, sharp blue. It is a complete turnaround, given the white-out conditions in the past two days, especially yesterday afternoon and evening. This was a Level 3 storm, which is the highest level. We were extremely lucky in that there were no power outages.

With about two feet of snow, we have had 50% more snow in the past 36 hours than we typically have all winter. We made it through without a fatality, to the best of my knowledge. According to media reports, tragically, there have been 18 fatalities in other communities impacted by the storm.

A snow customer service number has been established. If you need help, please call 703-746-HELP (703-746-4357). If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Clearly, this is still a time to stay safe. 
Please note that our roads remain CLOSED, except for emergency vehicles. 

I urge all citizens to please stay off of the roads in order to let our 70 snow plow units clear the streets.

The roads are still treacherous, and the roads will melt a bit each day and then refreeze each night.

We made huge headway yesterday, plowing 75% of the primary roads throughout the city. Our crews are doing an outstanding job, working around the clock to make our roads safe for us as fast as possible. My heartfelt thanks to all those who are driving those snow plows. They have true grit! I am incredibly proud of our dedicated snow plow crews and entire staff to ensure our safety. Each of us needs to do our part and stay safe.

Snow Removal Plan: We ask for everyone’s patience.

Our plan of action for snow removal is clear. First, the crews clear the Snow Emergency Routes and the primary roads, and then they clear the secondary roads, and then the residential streets.

All of us will need to be patient. Clearing the snow will take time. We have 560 lane miles of roads.

Yesterday, I visited our Snow Operations Center and our Emergency Operations Center in action. Our citizenry would be proud to see the robust effort we have in place. Using state-of-the-art technology, our staff can monitor and react immediately to situations across the city.

The Art of Plowing

We plow and clear, meaning that we brought in huge trucks to haul the snow away. Our crews are amazing. I saw many of them during their lunch break yesterday, and on behalf of our whole city, I thanked them and urged them to stay safe as they work for our safety.

We need to let them do their jobs safely and efficiently. So again, we can help them if we stay off the roads. They can cover a lot more ground if they do not need to worry about drivers and those who are walking in the street.

A few things we can do to help each other:

Please check on your neighbors, especially your elderly neighbors.

Please clear the snow around a fire hydrant near your home. Time is critical in an emergency. We can all help our fire department.

When you clear your car, please remember to clear the roof of your car.

Please clear your sidewalk.

If you see any of our city staff, especially those clearing our roads, please thank them!

Huge thanks to our City Manager, Mark Jinks, as well as Yon Lambert, the city’s Director of Transportation & Environmental Services, for leading the crews. My heartfelt thanks to each person on our snow plow units and to all our staff and our first responders in law enforcement, the fire department, and EMS. Once again, we all pray that they will stay safe, too.

Information about city services can be found on the city’s site, . Please continue to check the site for any updates. You can also sign up for E-alerts through the city’s site.

So proud of our city! Let’s continue to stay safe!

Allison Silberberg

Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia”

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oldtowner January 24, 2016 - 10:08 pm

I saw Mayor AS on the news a few days ago….walking on King St….and since she was not wearing a hat or gloves, I doubt she has much of an idea as to how to respond appropriately to a severe snow storm.

West Ender January 24, 2016 - 10:51 pm

Really makes you wonder about her ability to provide sound judgment on key issues.

Fleece January 25, 2016 - 12:09 pm

I fail to see how ones choice of wearing a hat or gloves for a news piece is indicative of one’s ability to make decisions as the mayor. I guess some people like to grasp at anything though.

spookiness January 25, 2016 - 10:38 am

This had about 50% too many words. And this is not a campaign communication. I don’t think “Dear Friends” is an appropriate salutation for City communications.

Westie January 25, 2016 - 1:16 pm

Give her a break…she got her experience drafting neighborhood newsletters. At least, that’s how this one reads.

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