Sunday Smile: New Washington Capitals Rap ‘Unleash the Fury’ (Video)

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Some time ago, I re-introduced the weekly palate cleanser posts (a.k.a. video of the week) on this blog. During the week, I post about road closures, stores opening, stores closing, news and things to do around Alexandria, Virginia. So, I thought maybe one post during the week could be just for fun. Therefore, a post that will cleanse the palate.

For this week, whether you have had a good week or a bad one, here is an awesome new Washington Capitals rap titled ‘Unleash the Fury’ from the very talented local artist Rockville Slim. There are a LOT of shots from local Washington, D.C. area locations in the video. How many can you name?

Enjoy and go CAPS!

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