Traffic & Parking Board to Consider Food Trucks

by Lee Hernly, Editor

DC Slices food truck at Alexandria's Birthday celebration on July 12, 2014

Food Trucks locations under consideration

At the April Traffic & Parking Board Meeting, the Board will take up on-street vending in certain designated areas for food trucks in Alexandria, Virginia.

Five locations have been proposed for on-street vending in Alexandria, Virginia. One is in the 2200 block of Eisenhower Ave in front of the AAA office. Two other locations proposed are by the Braddock and King St. metro stations and the remaining two are in the north Old Town area. The new ordinance will allow food truck vending from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm and a food truck may vend no longer than four continuous hours at one location. The locations are expected to have 4 parking spaces designated for food truck parking and that would accommodate up to three food trucks.

At this meeting, the Traffic and Parking Board will take public comment on the five proposed locations and make a recommendation to City Council. City Council will vote on the recommended locations in May 2016.

Visit this link for more information about the food trucks ordinance in Alexandria, Virginia.

Another big item up for consideration at this month’s meeting is a request to reduce the speed limits on North Van Dorn Street from 35 mph to 25 mph between Braddock Road and southern most driveway to Park Place Condominiums.

View the docket for the meeting online (PDF).

(H/T Janet)

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