The 10 Most Stressed Out Cities in Virginia

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Skyline Richmond Virginia

Do you feel stressed out living in Virginia?

Career website Zippia recently analyzed over 62 places in Virginia that they deemed to be the most stressed out places to live. The rankings were based on a set of six stress criteria that reflect its root causes for most people – unemployment, number of hours worked, and percentage without health insurance to name a few.

The top 10 most stressed out cities in Virginia are:

  1. Dumfries
  2. Manassas
  3. Norfolk
  4. Manassas Park
  5. Franklin
  6. Richmond
  7. Portsmouth
  8. Petersburg
  9. Fairfax
  10. Hampton

How do you find living in Virginia? Do you feel stressed living in Virginia?

(Photo via Jim, on Flickr)

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