Save the Patrick Henry School Auditorium in Alexandria


Save the Patrick Henry Elementary School Auditorium in Alexandria, Virginia

For the life of me, I can’t believe the Alexandria City School Board or ACPS staff would even consider forcing students to put on plays in something called a ‘cafetorium’. Given that a lot of Patrick Henry’s curriculum is based on arts education, keeping the auditorium should be a no brainer.

As the petition states, there aren’t many places in the West End to see performing arts and causing folks to go to a ‘cafetorium’ would mean one less place in the West End of Alexandria, Virginia.

I signed and hope you do too.

We want to save what we currently have in terms of any proposed new facility at the new Patrick Henry School and Recreation Center and the current plans for the new site will take away the kind of auditorium we have now. We are circulating a petition to officially request that the Alexandria School Board and City Council include an auditorium that would be part of a shared use space that will be utilized by both the new Patrick Henry K-8 School and the new Recreation Center for performing arts on the West End that will benefit the entire community.

We hereby officially request that the current specifications for Patrick Henry be changed to include this important space.

Read more about this petition at this link and tell the School Board to say yes to the arts.

(Photo via Petition site)

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