Still Waiting on Al’s Steakhouse in Del Ray


Al's Steakhouse in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia on Mount Vernon Avenue - sign says 'OPENING SOON'

When will Al’s Steakhouse Reopen?

As we have told you, there has been much speculation of the future of Al’s Steakhouse. We also told you that Al’s is under new ownership in Alexandria, Virginia on Mount Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood. We had heard an opening was planned on March 28. From the looks of things, there is construction still going on at the joint. New signs in the window say ‘Opening Soon’ (where have we heard that before?). Is the new owner putting in the ADA bathroom among other things?

As John ‘Big Al’ Severson used to say “cook your onions first, then the mayo and the provolone are heated together on the grill”.

We had heard that the eatery was for sale. John’s son Bo Severson has been looking to sell the joint after the passing of his Dad in August 2014.

We will update as more becomes available.

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