Thank You Alexandria Fire Department! #InternationalFirefightersDay

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department t-shirt
Today is #InternationalFirefightersDay! Please join us in saying a massive thank you to all firefighters worldwide, especially to our own Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department (AFD).

I was going to write a thank you but, then I noticed this poem online. It goes without saying – thanks to the men and women at AFD for putting your lives on the line to save ours.

Firefighters, I Thank You

To all those who serve,
I thank you.

Sparing yourself for the sake of a stranger, and placing your body in the way of danger.

All you need to hear is the sounding alarm, and you just do your job, not pausing for the harm.

Your most important objective: to save those in need – to all firefighters, you are most selfless indeed.

But, so sadly, there are those brothers who have fallen, yet you never cease, but rather have a stronger calling.

You all have such a courageous desire, built by a passion and strength that will never let you tire.

There is a job to be done, no matter where or when, and there is great comfort, knowing you will be there then.

So, once again,
To all who serve – and to their families –
I thank you.

AFD is celebrating 150 years of service this year. One way to support the AFD is by buying the cool t-shirt (see above) or the cool patch, lapel pin and challenge coin (below). You can buy these items at AFD’s headquarters, located at 900 Second Street in Alexandria.


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