Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Metrorail Speed Restrictions May Impact Service


Speed restrictions on Metrorail may impact service during rush hour

In the interest of safety, Metro has implemented speed and acceleration restrictions in certain areas to reduce the electrical power draw by Metrorail trains in the Washington, DC area.

In the following areas, trains will depart stations more slowly and travel at a maximum speed of 45 mph:

  • Red Line between Grosvenor and Dupont Circle
  • Orange Line between Rosslyn and Minnesota Ave
  • Silver/Blue Line between Rosslyn and Benning Road

These restrictions may result in congestion and increased travel times, especially if there is a service issue (e.g. train offload, mechanical problem, etc.) on the line. Metro will work to minimize the impact of these restrictions to the greatest extent possible.

Metro apologizes for any inconvenience as these speed restrictions are designed to comply with federal directives and provide their riders with the safest ride possible.

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