City of Alexandria Takes the Running Man Challenge


The internet’s newest, obsessive new social media craze is called The Running Man Challenge, and the City of Alexandria, Virginia posted its version this week. The challenge is similar to other viral dance trends like the Harlem Shake. It is unclear who challenged the City in the video and who they are challenging.

The trend was started by two teens, Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall and made popular by two University of Maryland basketball players. The challenge is simple: do a variation of the running man to an old ’90s hit song called “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s.

The newest craze is very recent with the first video being posted only posted a few weeks ago. The challenge has spread to the NFL, NBA, and to seemingly everyone else.

Which part of the video is your favorite? Who’s got the best moves? Mine is watching Town Crier Ben Fiore-Walker do the challenge (see the video to the end).

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