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City Council Should Create the Del Ray Gateway NOW Not Later

Colosanto Pool in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia (Photo credit: Petition site)
(Photo credit: Petition site)

The Nicholas A. Colasanto Pool in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, which was closed in 2010 for under utilization (PDF), is planned to be turned into an interactive fountain/kids splash park in 2022. This is part of an Aquatics Study that was performed in 2012 (PDF).

There is a online petition that has been started in the Del Ray community urging the Alexandria City Council to approve funds sooner (2017) than later (2022). In my view, the City should act NOW, instead of later to approve funds for this. Since the closing, the pool has become a blight and the City Council should act to make the Colosanto Pool area great again.

After all, staff said in the budget memo at the first link

Recreation Department staff will initiate a comprehensive review of its outdoor pool program in the coming months. Staff will consider suggestions provided by Council during the Fiscal Year 2010 budget development process and will work to gather input from pool users during the 2009 pool season to incorporate in the Department’s comprehensive plan. Staff will provide Council with a report of its findings and recommendations by the Fall of 2009.

As far as I can tell, that report never happened until the Aquatics study was done. The youth in the Del Ray area and surrounding community deserve better. The pool has been closed far too long. I signed the petition and hope you will too. The kids in the Del Ray community deserve better.

What do you think?


Del Ray’s Colasanto Pool has been shut-down since 2010. The pool and the surrounding area are the gateway to Del Ray. We’d like the City of Alexandria to turn the Colasanto Pool and Park into a kids splash park and true gateway to one of the city’s most beloved and vibrant neighborhoods! This project already has funds appropriated in 2022. By that time, the pool will have been closed for over a decade! We want to convince the city to accelerate funding and greenlight the project in 2017! That can’t happen without your support!

Del Ray is a special place that we all love. Without your support this project will wait at least another 6 years and may never get off the ground! Please show your support by signing the petition and letting the Mayor and the City Council know how much this means to us, their constituency.

Lee Hernly, Editor
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