Metro SafeTrack Surge #4 is Underway

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Metro’s fourth around-the-clock safety surge during SafeTrack began today, Tuesday, July 12, and will result in a shutdown of the Blue and Yellow lines between Reagan National Airport and Pentagon City through July 18, 2016. There will be no Metrorail service between these stations, including Crystal City, which will be closed for the duration of the project.

During surge #4, all Blue/Yellow line customers in Virginia are encouraged to consider alternate travel options and avoid traveling during rush hour if possible.

For customers with no other travel options, limited shuttle service and enhanced bus service is available.


  • Braddock Road – Pentagon City — express service for all thru-travelers
  • Pentagon City – Crystal City – Reagan National Airport loop — for use only by riders traveling to/from the airport or Crystal City Station.


  • No trains will run between Pentagon City and Reagan National Airport July 12 through July 18. As a result, Crystal City Station will be closed. Metro customers traveling to DC from stations south of Braddock Road (e.g. Franconia-Springfield or Huntington) should exit the train at Braddock Road and transfer to express shuttle bus service to Pentagon City. After Braddock Road, trains will continue north to Reagan National Airport before turning back; however, DC-bound riders should not travel to the airport.
  • Riders traveling to/from Crystal City Station can take shuttle buses from either Pentagon City or Reagan National Airport.
  • Metroway bus service along Route 1 will be free during Surge #4.
  • For customers at Franconia-Springfield Station, free shuttle bus service will be available to/from the Pentagon during Surge #4.
  • Consider alternate travel options, avoid rush hours and allow additional travel time.

SafeTrack is an accelerated track work plan to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metrorail system to improve safety and reliability by significantly expanding maintenance time on weeknights, weekends and midday hours and includes 15 “Safety Surges” – long duration track outages for major projects in key parts of the system. The overall objective of SafeTrack is to bring Metrorail tracks and structures into a state of good repair by eliminating safety hazards, increasing service reliability and improving the ride quality of the system.

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