DASH Bus Service Changes and Improvements Coming Soon

On September 4, DASH Bus will implement the following service improvements on the AT1, AT4, AT5, AT7, AT8 & AT9 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Check the new DASH Ride Guide (PDF) for route and schedule information, as minor schedule adjustments and major route changes have been made on many routes to improve coordination and reliability.

Service Improvements: 

  • AT1 – Buses will run every 15 minutes during weekday peak periods.
  • AT9 – Saturday service will be extended to operate from Potomac Yard to Mark Center Station, the same service provided on weekdays

North Old Town Service Changes: 

  • AT4 – Service between Braddock Metro Station & City Hall will operate via Montgomery & Madison Streets.  AT5 will now serve stops on Slaters Lane & Abingdon Drive, NOT the AT4.
  • AT5 – Service between King Street & Braddock Road Metros will operate via Duke Street, Washington Street, Abingdon Drive & Slaters Lane.  AT8 will now serve King Street & the AT8 & AT4 will serve Fairfax & Montgomery/Madison Streets, NOT the AT5.
  • AT7 – Service between King Street Metro & the Lee Center will operate via King, S. Royal & Gibbon/Franklin Streets for bidirectional service in Old Town.  AT5 will now serve Old Town stops on Duke Street, NOT the AT7.
  • AT8 – Service between King Street Metro and Old Town will operate via King, Fairfax, Montgomery/Madison Streets & will extend to terminate at Braddock Road Metro Station.  AT5 will now serve Old Town stops on Duke & Washington Streets, NOT the AT8.

Visit DASH Bus online for more information.

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