Nina’s Dandy Suffers Minor Fuel Leak on Potomac River


Nina's Dandy

Dandy Fuel Leak in Alexandria, Virginia

According to the Alexandria Fire Department, last night, the dinner cruise vessel Nina’s Dandy, moored at 0 Prince Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia,  was found to be leaking a fuel oil mixture into the Potomac River at 8:05 p.m.

Alexandria Fire Department’s marine and hazardous materials units found the vessel unoccupied and leaking light petroleum products from a starboard exhaust port. United States Coast Guard (USCG), Metropolitan Fire Department and Alexandria’s Fireboat 201 placed harbor boom to contain the sheen surrounding the vessel. The hazardous materials team stopped the fuel source. The Coast Guard remained on scene to handle inspections, citations, and any environmental issues.

The amount of release fuel is unknown; however, units on the scene describe no environmental impacts.

(Photo via Josh, on Flickr)

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