Monday, March 30, 2020
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Robinson Landing Construction Begins This Week in Alexandria

Robinson Terminal South in Old Town Alexandria, virginia

Construction starting at mixed-use Robinson Landing Community in Alexandria

The Robinson Landing project, designed by Shalom Baranes Associates, is a mixed use residential community that features 26 elevator townhomes and 70 luxury condominiums with design that blends historic Old Town with the new waterfront plan. The project also includes two mixed-use buildings on the Potomac River that will feature a 5,800-square-foot restaurant and 4,800 square feet of retail. There is also planned a multifamily building at Wolfe and South Union streets, and the rehabilitation and restoration of the historic 2 Duke Street building. There will be a new pier, a boardwalk promenade, and retail and amenity spaces fronting the river.

Starting this week, and for the next two weeks, residents should see:

  • At 226 Strand, the old marine repair shop, the brick recovery effort continues. Eighteen pallets of bricks have been conserved to date and are ready to be transferred to the City of Alexandria for adaptive reuse.
  • Demolition of the existing warehouses has commenced and will continue over the next two weeks.- Cracking of the existing building concrete floor slabs is more than 50% complete.
    • The northeastern building of the four major structures has been demolished.
    • Sorting and disposal of building debris has commenced. This includes the preparation of concrete for recycling onsite as fill material.
    • The southernmost building along Wolfe Street is scheduled to be demolished the week of August 22. This will necessitate parking lane closures. Demolition of the remaining major structures will then progress.
    • Vibration monitoring by Seismic Surveys Inc. (SSI) continues at adjacent properties during demolition and additional vibration sensors are being installed this week.
    • SSI will be contacting, scheduling and conducting additional Pre-construction Condition Surveys within a 250’ radius of the Robinson Landing property lines, including properties that share an adjacent wall with properties within the 250’ radius.
    • Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, there will be temporary sidewalk and parking lane closures on Duke Street, Union Street and Wolfe Street as the demolition of the adjacent building walls occurs.
  • The City of Alexandria Fire and EMS is scheduled to conduct training onsite over the next week. There will be no fires during these events. They focus mostly on practicing entry techniques through various types of walls, doors, and windows within the building.

The overall schedule of development activities for the project include:

  • Summer 2016: Demolition
  • Fall 2016: Import fill by barge
  • Winter 2016/Spring 2017: Archeological work
  • Spring/Summer 2017: Excavation/export by barge
  • Summer 2017/Fall 2019: Construction phase
  • Summer 2019: Robinson Landing opens to the public
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