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Regal Potomac Yard Stadium 16 Asks for Additional Space for Alcohol

Regal Potomac Yard 16

Alexandria theater among growing list of multiplexes in region offering beer and wine

According to planning documents filed this week with the City (PDF), the Regal Potomac Yard Stadium 16 at Potomac Yard Shopping Center has applied for an amendment to its SUP (Special Use Permit) to allow it additional space where alcohol can be consumed on the premises.

This request has been approved by the Virginia ABC. Regal Entertainment Group currently has over 140 locations that serve alcohol currently.

Here’s what they had to say about this request (see application at link):

The addition of alcohol service is only intended as an added amenity for its patrons and Regal does not operate as a bar or lounge and does not sell, serve or permit alcohol consumption during hours when the theater is not open for the exhibition of motion picture films. Typically, alcohol sales have accounted for less than 1096 of revenue at similarly situated Regal locations throughout the country. Therefore, the addition of alcohol service has not resulted in additional traffic or congestion to the theater premises but has generally served merely as an added concession item for movie going patrons. Throughout the country, film exhibitors have enhanced concession menus with the inclusion of adult beverage options in order to provide a more inclusive movie going experience for adult patrons thereby providing options for all family members. Further, the movie theater industry has found the upgraded menu offerings to be an essential part of sustaining the industry’s expansion and technological innovation as an additional profit source. However, because of the limited lobby space and typical operational requirements for a standard theater, the limitations on consumption areas has proven overly burdensome. Consequently, theater operators are moving toward full consumption floor plans even where the points of sale and service may be limited to concession and lobby areas. Regal thereby respectfully requests verification and confirmation of such floor plan and operational model at the Regal Potomac Yards, and that any necessary changes be made to the current City use approvals to reflect Regal’s intended operation.

If you have any comments regarding the request, please contact Planning and Zoning staff at (703) 746-4666 or email the Planner associated with this case no later than September 7, 2016.

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