Rule 5 Friday: Alexandria, Virginia News

by Lee Hernly, Editor

St. Elmo's
For Rule 5 Friday, we scanned the local Alexandria, Virginia area blogs to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed. Please show our fellow local bloggers some link love!

For a list of our favorite local blogs, click this link.

The Humidity is back and in a BIG way Today’s peak heat and humidity combo eases slightly tomorrow and Sunday . It’s well above-average for a while, though. (Capital Weather Gang)

Public arts projects expanding in Alexandria Traffic Control boxes are metal containers. They help make sure the traffic lights run smoothly, but they’ve never been accused of being beautiful. That changed in 2015 when the City of Alexandria Office of the Arts created a public art program where 12 boxes would be wrapped in art. The program returned and spread across the city in early 2016. The Traffic Control Box art is one of the most visible public art projects from the Office of the Arts, but Diane Ruggiero, deputy director for the Office of the Arts, has higher sights. (Alexandria Gazette)

Download electronic edition of Alexandria Times Download this week’s edition of the Alexandria Times in PDF format (Alexandria Times)

Kelly’s House of Murals in Del Ray Kelly grew up in a house decorated with her mother’s hand-painted murals. Today, in her Del Ray home, she’s continuing the tradition. I stopped by to see these special murals painted by Kelly’s mother (you may remember this house from the Del Ray House & Garden Tour this year, or the previous tour in 2014). (DIY Del Ray)

Don’t try this at home – Pokemon Go and railroad tracks don’t mix Yes, we know you know, but somewhere, someone’s going to miss the memo (Dr. Gridlock)


(Flickr Pool photo via Bill, on Flickr)

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