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Alexandria Replacing ‘Gadsby’ Street Lights in Old Town

Street lights in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

UPDATE (12:56 PM): Post updated with correct date of meeting (Wednesday). Thank you readers!

Wednesday night (September 7), the City of Alexandria will be seeking approval from the Board of Architectural Review – Old & Historic District to replace aging existing ‘Gadsby’ Street lights around the Old Town Alexandria, Virginia area.

BAR2016-00274 Alexandria Historic Street Light Replacement Project 301 King St
(Courtesy image)

The majority of the existing Gadsby Street Lights are now 50 years old and deteriorated, particularly because the base of the pole was buried beneath the sidewalk brick for aesthetic reasons and these hidden bases have rusted in this damp environment. They are reaching the end of their useful life and a large-scale replacement program must be implemented before the lights become a public safety liability.

The Department of Project Implementation requests approval to replace the existing, failing ‘Gadsby’ street lights located in the Gadsby Street Light District (partially within the Old and Historic Alexandria District, partially in the Parker-Gray District, and partially outside either district near the King Street Metro and Duke Street).

The overall height of the new street light will match the existing Gadsby light at approximately 15.5 feet, with the base measuring four feet, the shaft eight feet and the light fixture with finial three and a half feet (Click on image at right for larger view). The base will be a fluted decorative cylinder topped with a tapered fluted pole shaft. The light fixture will be made of a lantern-style fixture with four panels of frosted glass. The top of the fixture will have an eagle. The fixture will also have the ability for the City to add banners to the street lights.

You can read the staff report on this project at this link.

BAR2016-00274 Alexandria Historic Street Light Replacement Project 301 King StA
(Courtesy image)
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