Afternoon Links: Shattering Glass Ceilings in Alexandria Edition

by Lee Hernly, Editor

For our Afternoon Links, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites for a roundup of news and opinion from Alexandria, Virginia and around the area.

Just when you thought fall was around the corner, here comes yet another heat wave in 2016 Several more 90-degree days are likely through the weekend, with mid-to-upper 90s tomorrow through Saturday. (CWG)

Port City Publius is out with a new essay – ‘On Endings and Begininngs’ As regular order resumes in our city, it would be disingenuous to say that we stand on any sort of precipice regarding our future. But in the shadow of a national election that carries sweeping implications for the kind of nation we want to be, we here in Alexandria should not squander the opportunities before us. (Port City Publius)

The ‘Stained Glass Ceiling’ Shatters in Alexandria Last Sunday, historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia welcomed the Reverend Noelle York-Simmons as its 28th Rector. She is also the first woman rector in the church’s 243-year history. (LinkedIn Pulse)

Madeline Albright visit Alexandria After a few minutes of greeting Democratic supporters and talking about her experiences with Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright walked into a secluded side room. Like dozens of other volunteers, she was there to make phone calls. On Aug. 30, the Hillary campaign headquarters in a suite near the Bradlee Shopping Center was filled to the brim with Clinton supporters making phone calls and doing data entry. With the election two months away, it’s all hands on deck for campaign volunteers. (Alexandria Gazette)

The Real Risks in Urban Cycling Anyone who spends much time on a bicycle in a city, dodging diesel-belching buses and wayward motorists, has wondered at some point whether the overall health benefits of cycling are gnawed away by pollution exposure and the risks of being killed or seriously injured. (City Lab)

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