John Adams Elementary Closing at 10 Due to Power Outage

John Adams Elementary School
(Image credit: ACPS)

John Adams closing early due to power issues Friday morning

UPDATE (10:40 AM): Update from ACPS
“Students can be picked up from the lobby of William Ramsay Elementary School after 11 a.m. today. No student will be dismissed during the regular school day without a parent or guardian present to pick them up. Please call Central Office on 703-619-8003 or see the website for further information, as the phone lines are down at John Adams.”

Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) John Adams Elementary will be closed at 10:00 AM TODAY due to power issues in the area which are affecting the school.


ACPS has been in touch with Dominion Power and the outage will not be fixed until later today. There is currently no air conditioning or means to prepare food in the building. ACPS is asking that where possible parents or guardians arrive at the school before 10 a.m. to pick up their child directly from the classroom. Where it is not possible to pick up a student, students may return home by bus, provided their parent or guardian has been contacted in advance and has given permission. All students need to be met by a parent or guardian off the bus. No student will be allowed off the bus unless there is someone to meet them. Students who are not able to return home will be taken to Ramsay Elementary School on Sanger Avenue. Please call Central Office on 703-619-8003 or see the website  for further information as the phone lines are also down at John Adams.

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