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MetroAccess Adds 200+ New ParaTransit Vans to Fleet

This month, Metro’s paratransit service, MetroAccess, added 207 new vans expanding the fleet serving customers with disabilities to 725 vehicles.

The fleet expansion allows MetroAccess to more efficiently and reliably serve customers with door-to-door service ensuring regional mobility for all.

The new vans feature a high roof design that will improve ride quality and the overall customer experience. The vehicles also have enhanced safety features, including improved LED lighting, rear cameras providing operators a rearward view when backing and a collision avoidance system.

The vans have fuel efficient V-6 engines that are projected to achieve up to 10% better fuel economy, which will yield nearly $200,000 in gas savings for the transit agency in the first year.

The addition of the new vans will also allow MetroAccess to retire many vans that are at or beyond their useful life.

For more information about the MetroAccess paratransit service, visit this link.

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