Missing Cat in Braddock Road Area of Alexandria


UPDATE:: Willie has found a new home in his old ‘hood.

Readers, a neighbor (Victoria) on Nextdoor says her cat ‘Willie’ has gone missing in the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Via Nextdoor

Help Willie Come Home

The move is complete! Willie chose not to represent for the transition. I have not seen him for two days.

If he visits you and you are comfortable inviting him in, please do so and give me a call. I will come and get him. 410-925-8532

Myles is settling in nicely. Lots of purring and cuddles and a little tentative, outdoor investigation.

Clara is clearly distressed. Thankfully I will be home all day today unpacking, so she will have lots of time to calm her nerves while in my reassuring presence.

Thanks in advance to everyone who gives Willie so much love. And thank you to whomever makes that phone call saying that they have him, so I can come pick him up and bring him home.


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