Alexandria Renew to Clean Commonwealth Interceptor this Summer

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Alexandra Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) will begin cleaning and inspecting the Commonwealth Interceptor starting later this summer and scheduled to be completed by the end of the year (November). The Commonwealth Interceptor is a large underground pipe that conveys wastewater flow from the City’s sewer lines to AlexRenew, where the water is cleaned. Periodic cleaning and inspection of the interceptor is an important maintenance project that helps AlexRenew reduce the likelihood of pipe failure or related problems.

Most of the work will be done along Commonwealth Avenue, beginning at Caton Avenue and continuing south. The AlexRenew team will access the interceptor through manholes.

To complete the work, high-pressure water jets will clean the Commonwealth Interceptor by dislodging debris and sediment. The debris and sediment will be removed using a vacuum truck. Once the interceptor is clean, a robotic camera will be used to inspect its condition.

Generally, work on the Commonwealth Interceptor will be conducted Monday through Friday during the day from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Some night work will occur in the area around King Street and Diagonal Road in late fall. All work will be coordinated with the City of Alexandria and will be in compliance with city permits and codes.

While this work is being conducted, Alexandria residents may see AlexRenew’s contractor, Video Pipe Services, in their neighborhoods and may hear the sound of high-pressure water jets. Since work crews will move from manhole to manhole following the path of the interceptor, the work crew  will not be in any location for an extended time.

AlexRenew will notify affected neighbors prior to work in their area using door hangers, flyers, and meetings with neighborhood associations.

More information on this project is available online.

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