Ivan Raiklin Launches 1776 Mile Run in Virginia to Support Veterans


This morning, Ivan Raiklin of Alexandria, Virginia kicked-off a 1776 mile run around the Commonwealth of Virginia to bring support veterans charities. His first run to Alexandria, Virginia commenced at the Mount Vernon Trail at Mount Vernon Estate Parking Lot .

The run is structured as an 81-day run with 22 miles per day. Two 11-mile segments per day. Ivan Raiklin will visit all 95 counties and 38 independent cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The goal of this run is four-fold:

  1. Bring awareness to the ~22 veterans on average who commit suicide daily
  2. Raise funds for the following charities on the frontlines of fighting this epidemic:
    1. Green Beret Foundation
    2. Task Force Dagger Foundation
    3. Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    4. Victory 4 Veterans
    5. Wounded Warrior Project
  3. Promote exercise and healthy living as a means of managing stress, mental health, and even increasing mental performance.
  4. Test the Waters for a 2018 US Senate Run.

If Ivan Raiklin can complete the 1776-mile run, if he can raise half a million dollars for the Veterans’ Charities, and if the people of Virginia give their support to help him launch a strong and inclusive campaign then he will answer their call.

Here, he explains the run.

Everyone is invited to join Ivan Raiklin by running a segment with him and following him every day on social media. Find where Ivan will be on his calendar at www.runwithraiklin.com. You can follow his journey on Twitter and with the hashtag #RunWithRaiklin.

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