Via, we publish this list of real estate listings from time to time when the list changes. These are homes that are pretty extraordinary and currently on the market in Alexandria, Virginia.

Most of the homes are located in the Old Town area of Alexandria, Virginia with several of the listings on the list are part of the new Robinson Landing development on the Old Town Waterfront. All of the listings on the list are $3M or more. It should be noted that since we started publishing this list, this is the 1st time all ten (10) homes are listed at $3 Million dollars or more. We also have a tie at #10.

The homes are listed below in order from 1-10.

  1. 10 Duke 1-402 St Unit ResidenceAlexandriaVA 22314 ($5.745M)
  2. 301 Saint Asaph St SAlexandriaVA 22314 ($5.485M)
  3. 224 Lee St SAlexandriaVA 22314 ($4.995M)
  4. 10 Duke 1-303 St Unit ResidenceAlexandriaVA 22314 ($4.495M)
  5. 210 Duke StAlexandriaVA 22314 ($4.1M)
  6. 214 Royal St NAlexandriaVA 22314 ($3.995M)
  7. 10 Duke 1-302 St Unit ResidenceAlexandriaVA 22314 ($3.995M)
  8. 319 Mansion DrAlexandriaVA 22302 ($3.5M)
  9. 515 Saint Asaph St NAlexandriaVA 22314 ($3.249M)
  10. 329 Washington St NAlexandriaVA 22314 ($3.195M)
    909 Vicar LnAlexandriaVA 22302 ($3.195M)

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