Santa Claus is Coming to Alexandria, Virginia: Track Santa Here!

Santa Claus is coming to Alexandria, Virginia, and for the 62nd consecutive year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is tracking Santa Claus on his journey around the world.

As part of NORAD’s mission, NORAD is continuing its tradition of telling youngsters the location of Kris Kringle on his annual storybook world tour. The NORAD Santa Tracker website features up-to-the-second updates on Santa’s Christmas Eve progress. Santa Claus has so far, delivered a little more than 3 Billion Christmas gifts around the world.

The Santa Tracker’s hub is at Colorado’s Peterson Air Force base, where hundreds of volunteers will be answering calls from an estimated 125,000 children around the globe looking for Santa’s whereabouts.

It all started in 1955 when a local media advertisement directed children to call Santa direct – only the number was misprinted. Instead of reaching Santa, the phone rang through to the Crew Commander on duty at the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center. Thus began the tradition, which NORAD carried on since it was created in 1958.

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