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Nina’s Dandy Calls on Alexandria to Honor Waterfront Plan Promises

After reaching a deal with the City of Alexandria to move the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) clubhouse, the deal included some major consequences for the Nina’s Dandy Dinner Boat.

As we told you first, the ODBC deal called for the City of Alexandria to sell the riparian rights to where the Nina’s Dandy docks in Alexandria, Virginia. Sources confirm the ODBC has now declined to renew their lease. As of January 1, 2018, legally the Nina’s Dandy does not have an Alexandria, Virginia home after 38 years.

Nina’s Dandy is fighting back.

In a new Facebook post, Nina’s Dandy President Maria Cohilas Ross calls on the City of Alexandria to honor the promises made to the company.

After much contemplation and prayer the family of Nina Wilson went into 2017’s New Year’s Eve cruise having decided we will not go silently. As a family of Greek immigrants we are calling January 1, 2018 our “Oxi Day” to the City of Alexandria: we remain docked at the Strand Street pier.

We call upon the City of Alexandria to honor the promises made to us, and the public, when they passed Ordinance 4749 specifically naming Nina’s Dandy as having a place on Alexandria’s waterfront. To express your concern regarding our eviction, concerned patrons may call (703) 746-4500 or send a group email to the Mayor and City Council members:

The reference to ordinance 4749 is the ordinance the City passed to adopt the waterfront plan in Alexandria. Ms. Cohillas Ross is likely referring to Chapter 3 of the ordinance which states the following about the commercial hub at the waterfront:

The City Marina would accommodate an expansion of the current commercial fleet as well as the local cruise ships now docked in the Strand area, including the Dandy and Nina’s Dandy. The operation of these vessels requires accommodation for passengers (parking, ticketing, protected waiting areas), offices, storage, deliveries and servicing. Waiting area and concession facilities would be included on or nearby the new pier and at the area of the City marina where docking for local cruise ships would be expanded.

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