UPDATE (1/9 – 5:38 AM): Only one outage remains this morning in the Rosemont/Ivy Hill area of Alexandria up by Woodbine, First Christian Church and residents living on Kings Ct. Dominion reports restoration timetable by 8:00 AM this morning.

One power outage left in Alexandria, Virginia Tuesday morning January 9, 2018

UPDATE (9:54 PM): A power outage affecting approximately 90 people has been reported in Arlington along S. Glebe Road just on the other side of Four Mile Run from the Arlandria neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

UPDATE (9:50 PM): The outage affecting 37 people in Arlandria, Dominion reports power restored. Dominion also reports the outage to 201 people centered on West Mt. Ida has been restored as well. There are a couple of other small outages left too.

UPDATE (9:40 PM): Multiple outages (37 ppl & 67 ppl) are awaiting assignment in the Arlandria neighborhood. Dominion reports a timetable between 10:00 PM & 4:00 AM tomorrow.

UPDATE (9:31 PM): Crew dispatched to largest outage (2700 people) from Del Ray to Arlandria reports power should be restored.

UPDATE (9:25 PM): Crews have been dispatched to Upper King Street area outage near First Christian Church (15 people out) as well as the West Del Ray outage (201 people out).

More than 3000 customers were without power this afternoon and early evening (Monday, January 8, 2018) in  Alexandria, Virginia due to the winter storm, according to Dominion Energy. There is a large power outage throughout Del Ray down to Arlandria with several other small outages.

Dominion has reported a timetable of between 10:00 PM tonight to 4:00 AM tomorrow morning for restoration for the incidents.

If your power is out, be sure and report it at this link. This is a developing story and we’ll update this post as more news is available.

What are you experiencing this Monday readers?

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