Decomposing Human Foot Found in Springfield


A Springfield resident called Fairfax County officers to the 5900 block of Brunswick Drive in Springfield, Virginia at noon Saturday for possible human remains found in their backyard.

Officers arrived and observed a partially decomposed human foot. Investigators are unclear of the race or gender associated with the remains at this time.

Officers and detectives canvassed the neighborhood to determine if there was any recent suspicious activity in the area.

During the canvass and search of the surrounding area, permission was given to check other yards for any potential remains.

Additional bones were collected in a nearby backyard, but they appear to be from an animal and are likely unrelated. Detectives will continue their search of the area for additional information and evidence. The Medical Examiner’s Office has verified that the foot is human and will provide additional investigatory support.

This is a developing story and we’ll post updates as they become available.

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