This is an update to this post. The long-delayed project to remove the temporary security measures around the federal courthouse in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia is nearing completion we’re told. The project is installing new, more permanent security measures around the federal courthouse.

See the video from the May 2012 meeting of the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) to see what the final project will look like at the courthouse.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Removal of jersey barriers around the Courthouse
  • The installation of garden walls and secure bollards around the site.
  • The movement of existing parking spaces from Jamieson Ave to Elizabeth Lane.
  • The reopening of Courthouse Square to one-way traffic.

We reached out to the Carlyle Community Council for an update on this project and Janet Gregor responded:

I have been advised that the estimated completion date is Feb. 16th, 2018, with the exception of the plants and final paving. Plants will have to be done in the spring. There will be paving on January 29, 30 & 31, which is only the base coat inside the construction area. Per the city the contractor cannot do the final paving until they have final approval for the project from the city.

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