Friday, April 10, 2020
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Beyer/Lowenthal: Trump Administration ‘Disastrous’ On Climate Change

Beyer/Lowenthal Statement on Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement Decision Anniversary

Congressional Safe Climate Caucus Co-Chairs Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) and Don Beyer (VA-08) released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s decision to initiate U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement:

“It has been one year since Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, and he continues to display total apathy toward climate change and the threat it poses to public health, the economy and national security. From his first day in office, Trump has been on a mission to undo every inch of progress we have made on climate and the environment. His administration scrubbed mentions of climate change from government websites, undermined scientists and public servants who worked to fight climate change, proposed massive cuts to government programs to curb emissions and tied the hands of the enforcement division at the Environmental Protection Agency. In every sense of the word, the Trump Administration has been disastrous when it comes to addressing the climate crisis and protecting the planet.

“The Paris Agreement represented the best opportunity for the global community to address climate change and prevent its devastating impacts. Despite the president, governors, mayors and community leaders are still honoring the spirit of the Paris Agreement to enhance climate resiliency. Today we stand with them, and all those who are fighting to show the rest of the world that the United States is still capable of being a leader on climate.”

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