It’s no secret that the Washington D.C area has traffic issues, and there’s always been a big debate in the DMV – who has the worst drivers? Maryland, D.C., or Virginia? Now a new study by insurance comparison website QuoteWizard, citing several factors, has ranked Virginia as the fourteenth-worst state to drive in.

Virginia ranked in the top half of states coming in number 14 (the higher you are in the listing, the worse the drivers are). Neighboring state Maryland came in at number 12 (it has been ranked lower before) while North Carolina came in at number 18.

To help drivers identify the states that provide the best commuting conditions, QuoteWizard compared the 50 states across five key categories: 1) Accidents, 2) Speeding tickets, 3) DUIs, 4) Citations, and 5) Fatalities.

To determine the rankings from the five categories, QuoteWizard evaluated all 50 states by incident data (with more than two million data points) from the users of the QuoteWizard website and juxtaposed it to Federal Highway Administration fatality data. To quantify overall driver standards for comparison, they weighted various incident totals for each state with its occurrence percentage. The rankings are a sum of weighted means calculated from the above categories.

To see where the states ranked, you can read the full report and view the full list of rankings at this link.

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