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Beautification Commission Requests Nominations for 2019 Awards

City of Alexandria Beautification Commission Requests Nominations for 2019 Awards

The Alexandria Beautification Commission is seeking nominations for their 2019 Beautification Awards. Nominees should demonstrate exceptional efforts in contributing to the beautification of their communities, neighborhoods and residences through architecture, landscaping or sustainable practices.

Over the next several weeks, the Commission will canvas the city in search of properties to nominate for this year’s awards. Kathryn Chiasson, Chair of the Alexandria Beautification Commission, encourages the public to participate in the process: “We are fortunate to live in a community with engaged citizens working to make it a better place. Exciting beautification efforts are happening throughout Alexandria, and we want to know about all of them.” Christina Mazurkevich, Commissioner and real estate agent, says, “There are many notable properties in this beautiful city. Through our collaborative efforts, we can find and recognize these hidden gems.”

Nominations will be accepted for the following six categories:

  • Excellence in Architecture is awarded for new construction, additions, improvements, and historical renovations.
  • Excellence in Sustainable Design is awarded for new construction and improvements for factors such as the use of renewable energy, rainwater capture/filtering, use of native/ noninvasive plants, contribution to tree canopy, and contributions to community open space.
  • Green Practices in Beautification recognizes individual or group efforts that promote sustainability in beautification.
  • Community Beautification recognizes individual or group efforts that promote beautification in the community.
  • Residential Beautification recognizes homes that contribute to the beautification of the City through landscaping and architecture.
  • Commercial Beautification is awarded to commercial properties that contribute to the beautification of the City based on plant material, design, landscape architecture, sustainable practices, maintenance and neighborhood context. Awards are based on view from public right of way.

Nominations must be received by Monday, May 27 and must be submitted online.  In early fall, the Alexandria Beautification Commission will host an awards ceremony where the winners will be announced and honored by Mayor Justin Wilson and City Council.

For additional information on the Beautification Commission, visit this link or contact Oscar Mendoza, Division Chief.

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