Morning Links: 5 Things to Know in Alexandria


Happy Thursday Alexandria! For our Morning Links, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites to find the 5 most interesting stories in the Alexandria, Virginia area you need to know.

In this Morning’s News:

How did the Metrorail shutdown dry-run go last weekend? During last weekend’s dry-run, this author took the time to try out his commute for the upcoming shutdown. Bus operations ran fairly smoothly, but the dry-run may allow Metro to fine-tune tools to help riders through the ordeal. (GG Wash)

How did Wednesday’s Uber/Lyft strike go? Uber and Lyft drivers protested nationwide on Wednesday, calling for better working conditions and better pay. The protests also revealed how the algorithms that determine the drivers’ pay decrease the level of transparency. (WaPo)

Pollen: How chef’s and mixologists are using it in D.C. The thought of pollen tends to conjure sticky yellow dust that blankets cars and deck furniture alike. For chefs and bartenders, though, pollens provides distinctive flavors that are difficult to find otherwise. (DCist)

Help teachers feel the love this week It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, that special time of year dedicated to showing teachers just how much they are valued by our school community for their great work throughout the year. (ACPS)

It’s Bluejays, Bluejays everywhere The D.C. area is seeing a bird bonanza this spring (WaPo)

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