Monday, February 17, 2020
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Read the Circuit Court Complaint Over Poultry Slaughterhouse

Ten City of Alexandria property owners, businesses and residents have filed a circuit court complaint challenging the City’s March 26, 2019 approval of a Special Use Permit (SUP), which grants DC Poultry Market Corporation permission to operate a slaughterhouse/live poultry market at 3225 Colvin Street. You can read the complaint below we received from a trusted source.

Since we weighed in and agreed with the Alexandria Times, we’ve received a bunch of mail claiming how racist we are even though the main objection we raised over the approval was the likelihood of odors emanating from the establishment – given that, at the vote, Vice Mayor Bennett-Parker reported the owner has done nothing about odors in the other 14 establishments he owns.

The complaint claims that council’s decision to allow the operation of a full-scale, 7-day a week slaughterhouse involving the storage of between 200-500 poultry per day, will have deleterious impacts on neighboring businesses and nearby residents. The complaint argues that the City failed to thoroughly analyze these impacts and also failed to adhere to certain requirements and procedures found in its own charter and zoning ordinance. Complainants also state that the decision threatens surrounding businesses and residential areas by reducing the value, use, and enjoyment of their properties, by interfering with their quality of life and operation of their businesses and by exposing them to noxious odors and harmful biological and environmental contaminants.

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