Bigger and better: 18,000 turn out for Bike to Work Day 2019

by Lee Hernly, Editor
Bigger and better: 18,000 turn out for Bike to Work Day #BTWD2019

Today, 18,000 Washington D.C. area commuters chose to leave their cars at home to take part in this year’s Bike to Work Day event. For many commuters, this fun and free event demonstrate that biking can be a viable alternative to a single driver commute. 

Co-organized by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, the event was more prominent than ever with 115 pits stops throughout the region. Cyclists enjoyed free refreshments, bike tune-ups, games, entertainment, pit-stop giveaways, and a chance to win a new bicycle.

“Events like Bike to Work Day not only bring the community together but also promote healthier, more environmentally-friendly options for commuting to work,” said Commuter Connections Director Nicholas Ramfos. “Bike to Work Day is a good way to try out bicycling to work, and participants may begin commuting by bike more often.”

Past research through Commuter Connections has shown that 28 percent of event participants start bicycling to work three days a week.

Bicycling is a commuting option that results in reduced commuting costs, reduced vehicle wear and tear, less traffic congestion, healthier lifestyles, and improved air quality. For many participants, the benefits of this event are the motivation to begin bicycling to work regularly.

This year’s event was made possible by the support of regional sponsors, including ICF, GO Alex, Spokes Etc. Bicycles, BicycleSPACE, Bike Arlington, Springfield Plaza, Marriott International, goDCgo, City Dental DC, and Comstock.

Although Bike to Work Day is but once per year, Commuter Connections offers a wide range of services and resources year-round for all commuters, including those who would like to bicycle to work.

Visit this link for information on rules of the road, bicycle safety, bikesharing, and more.

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