Petition Circulating for Speed Reduction on Duke Street

by Lee Hernly, Editor

This is an update to this post. After Sunday’s fatal traffic crash which took the life of 89-year-old Alfredo DaSilva, Alexandria, Virginia resident Grace Grant has started a petition to reduce speed along Duke Street between Quaker Lane & Jordan Street. You can learn more about Mr. DaSilva here.

From the petition:

Currently, the speed limit on Duke Street west of Quaker Ln and East of Jordan St is 35 MPH. This area is home to many neighborhoods. The 35 MPH speed limit is hardly obeyed creating a very unsafe environment for all those living in the area. We want those living in this area to be safe while walking to the bus stops, walking their dogs, turning into and out of their neighborhoods and playing with their children on their streets. The most recent change in bus routes has children walking along these streets unaccompanied. In November of 2018, a senior at T.C. Williams high school was struck by a vehicle while crossing Duke in this corridor. The speed limit is unsafe, and many vehicles exceed it by more than 10 MPH. A reduction of the speed limit from 35 MPH to 25 MPH and strict enforcement of the lower speed will make our neighborhoods safer for pedestrians, pets, and vehicles.

In March of 2016, the speed limits on Quaker Ln and Seminary Rd were reduced resulting in the reduction of crashes along the routes. It’s time we act to keep our streets and our neighborhoods safe and reduce the speed limit on Duke street.

Decrease speed limit to 25 mph similar to Quaker Lane and Seminary Road to increase safety!

To sign the petition, click here.

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